Automating HR Payroll Reports with Power Query

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Practical problems in real world situationStep by step approach to automation


4 Modules22 Lectures5 Hours video time


Managing raw data and mapping tablesTransforming data using Power QueryAutomate financial reports using Functions & Formulas and Pivot Tables

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How do I automate payroll calculation and reports in Microsoft Excel?

You can automate the monthly payroll calculation and reports with special or customized third-party software that are available in the market or simply create your own automation using Microsoft Excel

What are the benefits of creating my automated financial reports using Microsoft Excel?

The key benefits of developing your own automated financial reports are as follows:

  1. Easy to create: Can be developed in a day once you understand the concept and the desired automation flow

  1. Flexible: Changes can be tweaked easily

  1. Easy to maintain: New items or reports can be incorporated easily

  1. No additional investment: Leveraging on the existing Microsoft Excel means no additional investment in customized system

  1. Fast turnaround time: Save many valuable hours in preparing monthly payroll calculation and reports. It is just a matter of uploading the new data, refreshing the database to get the updated financial reports

Where can I learn how to automate payroll calculation and reports using Microsoft Excel?

You can follow the step-by-step lesson to create an automated financial report in course, “Excel: Automating HR Payroll Reports with Power Query”

I always have problems doing Personnel Cost for Forecast and Budgeting exercises. How can I be more efficient in handling Personnel cost forecasting and budgeting exercises?

Not to worry as the course on “Excel: Automating HR Payroll Reports with Power Query also covers Personnel Cost forecasting and budgeting. It also touch on the reports to be furnished to Finance Department

What makes “Excel: Automating HR Payroll Reports with Power Query” different?

  • You attended numerous courses on Microsoft Excel but none of it will tell you exactly what and how to automate the payroll calculation and reporting process. For this reason, we crafted our courses to address this issue.

  • We carefully develop each course based on practical problems faced in real world situation

  • The courses are designed for you to learn in a step-by-step approach at your own pace

  • There are bonus tips and tricks to help you speed up the reporting process

When can I start to automate my reporting activities?

You can start your automation journey once you understand the concept of automation using Microsoft Excel and Power Query. In fact, we have provided all the working files for you to practice before hitting the grounds

Is there any minimal requirement for me to enroll in the courses?

No minimal requirement. We only ask that you come with an open mind and ready to learn

How do I enroll for the courses?

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